Telephone Intercom

Telephone Intercom Module for landline telephones (Stage Telephone Ringer)

Telephone Intercom System (Stage Telephone Ringer). Dubbed "Exchange in a Box"

This "Plug and Play" solution is designed to make telephone calls between two standard UK hard-wired telephones. Ideal for use as an internal house intercom system or as a method of making telephone calls for Stage and Screen use.

Behaves intuitively, exactly like making calls to and from standard UK land line telephones, so no training or skills required and no embarrassing moments like the telephone continuing to ring when it has been picked up.  See the video above for details.

Most people find it is much better to have a real landline phone actually ring on stage as the sound of the telephone ringing is more localised to the source.

All parts provided (except the standard landline telephones) and no electrical or computer skills are required, literally plug and play.

Although this solution was initially developed as a telephone intercom system for "Vintage Telephone Enthusiasts" it can also be used for stage/play/theatre use, competing very favourably (both in function and price) with "Tele-Q" and various other telephone ring generator solutions.

Operates from a UK mains powered 12V DC supply (provided) and will ring both new and old vintage telephones (will ring a REN of 3).

The telephones (not provided) just plug into standard "BT style" telephone sockets (provided). The system includes two telephone wires (one 12 meters and one 3 meters in length). However standard telephone extension cables can be used to extend the range by up to 100 meters (provided the telephone extension cable is of good quality) if required.

Please note this is not a wireless solution rather it uses more reliable standard telephone wires. Also please note that the soultion is plug and play and as such has no user configurable options. For example, the ring cadence (UK vs US) cant be changed by the user and has to be pre-set in our workshop.

Before you buy we strongly advise you to watch the "Installation Video" below. This is particularly important if you wish to use the "dialling" on stage and intend to dial out from an old vintage telephone.

To create this solution we have used several pieces of "off the shelf hardware" (purchased in bulk) that we have assembled, configured (using several years of knowledge and experimentation) and tested so that it is a true plug and play solution.

Please note that because this solution is specifically designed for UK land-line telephones (the UK have a 3 wire, rather than a 2 wire internal wiring telephone system) this solution will not work without adaption in the US. However, we believe other DIY 2 wire solutions (admittedly with less functionality and that don't work as well with vintage telephones) are already available for use in the US. Hence this "Exchange in a Box" is currently only available for sale in the UK.

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Telephone Intercom System

Telephone Intercom System

Telephone Intercom System (Stage Telephone Ringer). Dubbed "Exchange in a Box" This Plug and Play so..


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